Two humans. Two points of view. One Love


We are Steffen and Franka, a couple in love for more than a decade. And one thing unites us from the beginning - our passion for creating amazing images, whether as still or motion pictures. We both met at the university, while studying media communications including videography and photography. The second passion we share is travelling. And both were easy to combine. Therefore we often packed our bags, discovered beautiful places, amazing people and different cultures and captured them in images. You can have a look at our blog "Worldwatchers", to see some of our adventures around the globe.

Together we combine photographic and cinematic creativity with learned craftsmanship. Stylish. Emotionally. Timeless. With the eye for the beauty.

Originally from Germany, we fell in love with Australia - its nature and people. After a long journey through your fantastic country we finally settled in the hinterland of Byron Bay and feel lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. For us taking photos and videos is not just a job. It's a passion we love. To feel the butterflies before, the emotions during and the joy after the wedding are moments which always touch us. To be able to witness the magic of love during our work reminds us always to cherish our love for each other as well.

Let's cherish your love together by capturing the intimate moments of your special day and tell your personal love story - authentic, lively, natural. That is why a good wedding photographer/videographer does not start its work on the wedding day. We want to get to know you before - find out what unites you and what you love. You need to feel comfortable in front of our cameras and that only works if we know each other.

So lets meet for a relaxed cup of coffee and have a chat. Than you can decide if you want Balvin Productions as our trusted partner on your side while you say "Yes, I will always love you!" to your beloved partner on your wedding day.


You want to know, who is behind the camera?

My name is Steffen and creating amazing images is my life. Since a got my first DSLR-camera many years ago, I was drawn into the worlds of photography and videography. So a hobby became a passion which became a profession. A profession I love.
And shooting weddings is the favourite part of my diverse portfolio. At every ceremony and the following reception there is this unique combination of suspense, emotions and lots of joy. It feels great to be in the middle of it and creating a special connection to the bridal couple. And what can be more rewarding than the smiles and laughter of husband and wife when they watch the final product of my dedicated work.
I would love to make you smile as well and capture your special day in breath-taking pictures and/or an emotional film. Please take a look at my references and check out my recent photos and videos. If you enjoy my work and would like a free of charge no obligation chat please contact me. I look forward to hear from you!

And who is working in the back-office?

Without the help of my partner in life and adventures Balvin Productions would not be possible. Her name is Franka. She holds degrees in both banking and media communications and takes care of the marketing, planning and office tasks. She also doubles as camera assistant and second camera (wo)man. Franka is also working in Marketing for a tree house hotel and as a yoga teacher. She is my inspiration, my best friend, my heart, my soul mate and also my worst critic.

And who is our apprentice and upcoming star?

For the past four years our little daughter India is the light in our hearts and the constant chatter box in our ears. She is a natural in front as well as behind the camera and always surprises us with new poses and arty pictures taken with her little camera. During her apprenticeship she is also responsible for the final approvals of all work done by Balvin Productions.