You want to know, who is behind the camera?

My name is Steffen and I am a passionate photographer. I studied communications and work as a freelance journalist. With the video capabilities of today’s DSLR-cameras, my passion for photography has naturally extended to videography. I love to let my pictures do the talking in my productions, capturing the audience with breath-taking pictures and emotional songs. Weddings are my favourites as they have this unique combination of suspense and joy. And the smiles and laughter of the married couple when they watch the final product are the greatest reward. Please take a look at my references and check out my recent photos and videos. If you like my work and would like a free of charge no obligation chat please contact me. I look forward to hear from you!

And who is working in the back-office?

Without the help of my partner Balvin Productions would not be possible. Her name is Franka. She holds degrees in both banking and communications. Franka is also passionate about photography and film making, and takes care of the marketing, planning and office tasks and also doubles as camera assistant on occasion.