Analysis of your present visual performance

On your behalf we analyse the present visual performance of your property, hotel or accommodation and point out possible weak points. Based on this analysis we create premium alternatives and with the help of our experience provide cogent advice regarding the best possible offline or online presentations to suit your unique environment. All through the process we listen and liaise with you, taking your requests, concerns and ideas into consideration.

Staging of professional photos and videos on site

On a pre-arranged day we will produce a high number of pictures or movie clips of different sets on site. We are happy to provide you with a time schedule so you, your staff or your customers are accordingly prepared. For the shooting we will provide all needed equipment as well as human and set extras if necessary.

Full post production including royalty free music

The raw footage is processed in a very short time with modern software and if requested presented to you for your pre-selection. One you have selected your final images they are created in standard web and print formats. Alternatively we can edit a professional HD-quality video including special effects and royalty free music.

Balvin Productions also captures weddings, events and portraits

Next to amazing hotel and real estate photos and movies Balvin Production also produces emotional and unique wedding films and pictures, captures individuals and families in portrait shots and does videography and photography for events and corporations. Have a look at our other two websites and see if we can help you in a different domain.